Notice of EGM – Monday 1st July 2019 & Agenda

Due to the resignation of Alyson Cheshire because of ongoing health issues, the need has arisen for the club to call an EGM to elect a replacement chair for the club to continue functioning.

As per the clubs post on our facebook page, the Agenda for the meeting is listed below:-
EGM Agenda 2019

Full EGM details:-

The EGM will take place on Monday 01 July 2019 @ The Grey Hound Hinckley at 6pm.

Any persons wanting to take up the below positions will need to be available to come to this meeting and have given us your nomination that you wish to be put forward.

The natural progression would be for Ryan Ward to move to become the new chair, however under BRC affiliation rules that as a club we cannot have two family members standing as Chair and Treasurer.

Therefore we are looking at either a move around of current positions held within the club or bring onboard new committee members.
Current positions held within Burbage Riding Club’s management committee are:

Ryan Ward: Vice Chair
Helen Ward Treasurer
Rebecca Bennett: Secretary

Positions that are open for election at this EGM:
• Chair
• Vice Chair
• Treasurer
• Secretary

Anyone who would like to be considered please contact Ryan Ward on 07861940279.

Nominations can be sent to us by email to or please speak to Ryan on the above number.


Should a solution not be found or agreed upon at the EGM or subsequent meetings, the club’s committee may have to make the saddest decision to cease from operating and would be disbanded as a club. Unfortunately to stay as a British Riding Club affiliated club, we would need to find a solution moving forward.
This would be an unfortunate ending to such a longstanding club and we wish this is not the case however may leave us with little choice should a solution not be found to continue running.


We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the EGM on Monday 1st July @ 6pm.

Burbage Riding Club Committee